Ryback Talks Matt Riddle’s ‘New’ WWE Name Being a Positive Move


Former WWE Superstar Ryback recently discussed Matt Riddle and his new ‘name’ in WWE. It was recently confirmed that the former UFC star will now just be going under the name ‘Riddle.’

This move was reportedly made as Vince McMahon was concerned about Riddle’s past allegations of sexual abuse coming to light, especially on the likes of a Google search. Ryback would state how certain talents with just one name, himself included, actually benefited from the move in WWE.

“I mean the the names you just named (co-host Raj Giri named Goldberg, Rusev, Elias, Cesaro et al) they all had have had nice careers in WWE” Ryback began on the show.

Ryback on ‘Riddle’

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Ryback elaborated further, saying “[or] now they are being used consistently. It would make sense that if they’re doing that [for Riddle]? There’s a reason WHY they’re doing it. Typically they wouldn’t just do that to someone they’re leaving catering every week, if that makes sense.”

The Big Guy would actually agree with WWE‘s reasoning for the move. Typically, name changes in WWE (like Ali losing the Mustafa part of his moniker) aren’t universally welcomed. “I understand that from a business standpoint. And from the Googling standpoint? That makes as much sense as anything I’ve heard in a long time from them [WWE].”

Ryback would finish by pointing out one flaw with WWE‘s perceived plan, in that if Riddle were to become popular enough the search results would still contain a litany of reports of the legal issues. “With that kind of stuff? If he becomes popular enough? Even if you just Google ‘Riddle?’ The first thing that’s gonna pop up is everything MATT Riddle.”

Do you agree with Ryback? Do you think that this could be another sign that WWE are looking to strap the rocket to Matt Riddle? Let us know in the comments