Sasha Banks Now Going By Mercedes Varnado On Social Media


Sasha Banks is using her real name social media. She is now listed as Mercedes Varnado on Twitter and Instagram, while her handles remain @SashaBanksWWE.

The WWE SmackDown women’s champion has been getting mainstream attention for her role in Star Wars: The Mandalorian. She is credited as Mercedes Vernado on that project, not Sasha Banks. During an interview with USA Today, she said ‘Mercedes’ is the reason she’s getting so much success, not her alter ego, Sasha.

“I’m so thankful for the role of playing Sasha Banks for so long, but it took Mercedes Varnado to put in that work, and it took Mercedes to get through those doors of the WWE and to be able to do ‘Star Wars,’ I’m just so excited to show the world exactly who I am.”

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She urged her legion of fans to keep on watching her next year, because she plans to keep ‘killing it’ and crushing her dreams.

“Main Eventing WrestleMania With Bayley Would Be A Dream Come True”

Mercedes Vernado recently showed off the power of her audience once again. In collaboration with Foot Locker and Puma, she and husband Mikaze designed a limited-edition sneaker with proceeds going to charity. They sold out instantly.

There is no question that WWE helped build Sasha Banks into a household name. However, Mercedes Vernado is poised to make big moves in 2021 and beyond.

On Monday morning, Sasha Banks posted a photo of herself with natural hair using the caption, “My Mom named me Mercedes”