The Godfather Agrees With Fan Criticism About Undertaker’s “Final Farewell”


The Godfather responded to some fans who were critical of what WWE did with The Undertaker’s Final Farewell at Sunday’s pay-per-view event. 

Before Taker came out for his promo, WWE brought out Godfather and several past and present wrestlers with full entrances only to have them leave the ring. 

A fan commented on a photo of Taker and Godfather on Instagram where the person wrote, The whole ‘Farewell’ was pretty boring. You guys all came to the ring…for what?” Godfather responded, “right.”

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One fan questioned why WWE brought everyone in only to have them say nothing. Godfather wrote back, “could’ve been written better.”

Another fan took shots at WWE creative and The ThunderDome. Godfather wrote back, “Well said. And you right the night before was epic.”

The fan responded by noting that the night before Survivor Series where they all reunited was what really matters. Godfather agreed, “Thats the most important.”

Along with Godfather, Shane McMahon, Big Show, JBL, Jeff Hardy (who had Taker’s symbol painted on his face), Mick Foley, The Godwinns, Savio Vega, Rikishi, Kevin Nash, Booker T, Shawn Michaels, Ric Flair, Triple H, and Kane were part of the segment. 

Vince McMahon did the introduction for Taker.

The Undertaker Bids His Final Farewell At WWE Survivor Series