The Undertaker: ‘In My Eyes, I Am Officially Retired’


Despite leaving the door open to a possible return at the end of his Last Ride docuseries, The Undertaker has revealed how, in his eyes, he is officially retired.

The WWE Network docuseries, Undertaker: The Last Ride, ended with the Legend saying “never say never” when it came to a return to the ring. However, in a new interview with The Wrap, The Undertaker confessed how, in his eyes, he is officially retired.

When asked if it’s fair for people to assume he is retired, The Undertaker explained, “I’m going with it, but I work for a man by the name of Vince McMahon, whose motto is ‘Never say never.’ And I’ll kind of leave that there. In my eyes, yeah, I am officially retired.”

Looking towards this Sunday’s “Final Farewell” at Survivor Series, The Undertaker teased how “what I do there, there’s no telling. But I will be live at Survivor Series. You never know what will happen […]”

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The Undertaker has previously admitted how outside influences affected his personal feelings on retirement.

He acknowledged how “I had a group of people telling me stuff like, ‘You can still go out to the ring and people will go crazy.’ On the inside, I’m thinking, ‘I don’t move the way I used to, and this is a watered down version of The Undertaker.’ I needed to get a point where [Undertaker: The Last Ride] will solidify [my retirement] and I wouldn’t have a choice. It was almost like I needed somebody to put the bullet in there and stop it.”

This year’s Survivor Series also acts as a “Final Farewell” celebration, honoring The Undertaker‘s 30th Anniversary in WWE.

Survivor Series takes place on November 22nd from the Amway Center in Orlando, FL.