The Undertaker On Watching WWE: It’s Hard To Be Just A Straight Fan


The Undertaker has spoken

The Undertaker opened up on why he doesn’t watch WWE programming as often as he’d like to. 

He did so during an interview with USA Today. Taker had been a prominent television figure for wrestling fans worldwide, but that has changed as he has gone from full-time to part-time and now retired. 

He talked about watching sports and various TV series. He noted that he doesn’t watch much of WWE as often because he feels like he should be there. 

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“I can to a certain degree. But a lot of times I catch myself talking to the TV like they can hear me. It’s hard to be just a straight fan, because I want everybody to succeed and to develop into their potential. So I’m kind of like, ‘Oh man, don’t do it. It didn’t make sense. 

Don’t do that. Why would you do that?’ You would actually laugh if there was a camera watching me watch wrestling. I have these conversations and it’s pretty amusing, I’m sure.”

The Undertaker is set to do his ‘Final Farewell’ at Survivor Series on Sunday night. He has confirmed in various interviews that he’s retired from pro wrestling. 

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