The Undertaker Reveals Which Version Of His Character Is His Favorite


WWE Legend The Undertaker has revealed which version of his character was his favorite to portray.

The Undertaker has evolved his character several times over the decades. Each change helped breathe fresh life into his “Dead Man” gimmick. Now, as ‘Taker heads towards his 30th Anniversary at Survivor Series, he has revealed which version of “The Dead Man” has been his favorite. 

Speaking with Matt Camp on WWE‘s The Bump, The Undertaker highlighted how, although he enjoyed playing the American Badass, this version wasn’t his favorite. Regardless, the American Badass still holds a special place for him. The Undertaker noted that this was mostly because he could “talk however I wanted.”

He then shared that only one version could ever be considered his favorite: the original Deadman.

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“I mean the traditional Undertaker, obviously, because that’s the one that first debuted,” he said. “But probably the most fun was the American Badass because I could talk however I wanted. It was perfect for the time period that we were in. But yeah, I think the original Deadman was my favorite.”

WWE has been celebrating the legendary career of The Undertaker all throughout November. In honor of his career, WWE has been airing ’30 Days of the Deadman’ specials on the WWE Network.

All of WWE‘s Undertaker celebrations culminate with this Sunday’s Survivor Series event. The pay-per-view will host a ‘Final Farewell,’ celebrating The Undertaker‘s 30th Anniversary.

WWE Survivor Series takes place Sunday, November 22nd from the Thunderdome in Orlando, FL.