The Undertaker’s $1000 Cameo Videos Are Being Posted Online


You can watch some of the Undertaker's Cameo videos.

Survivor Series 2020 may have been the Undertaker’s final farewell but a few big-spending fans are still receiving messages from the Deadman’s character. The Undertaker recently began taking a limited number of requests for videos through Cameo. The price tag was $1000.

Some of the videos have been made available online by Cameo.

Don’t tell Sebastian because I think he’s being gifted this for the holidays:

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Here is a reassuring and inspiring message from a comforting Undertaker:

The following thread has even more videos:

If you join the Undertaker’s “Fan Club” through Cameo you can view even more of the Cameos he has recorded. In all, Taker put 30 of the cameos up for sale and they have all sold out. You can click to be notified by Cameo of the next time he is available.

The Undertaker On Watching WWE As A Fan

During a recent interview, the Undertaker spoke about what it is like to watch WWE strictly as a fan now that his in-ring career is over.

“I can to a certain degree. But a lot of times I catch myself talking to the TV like they can hear me. It’s hard to be just a straight fan, because I want everybody to succeed and to develop into their potential. So I’m kind of like, ‘Oh man, don’t do it. It didn’t make sense.”

“Don’t do that. Why would you do that?’ You would actually laugh if there was a camera watching me watch wrestling. I have these conversations and it’s pretty amusing, I’m sure.”