The Young Bucks Explain Why They Don’t Watch NXT


All Elite Wrestling's Tag Team Champions The Young Bucks have discussed why they don't pay attention to AEW's Wednesday night rivals, NXT.

Despite All Elite Wrestling being embroiled in a ratings war every week with WWE‘s NXT, AEW Tag Team Champions, The Young Bucks, have shared that they don’t really watch the competition.

Speaking with WrestlingInc to promote their new book, Killing The Business: From Backyards To The Big Leagues, The Young Bucks addressed their Wednesday night rivals, acknowledging how they’re just too busy putting on a show to give any attention to NXT.

“I forget that they have shows,” Matt Jackson revealed. “It’s tunnel vision to our own product. It’s like, ‘Oh yeah, that’s right. There’s another show tonight. That’s right.'”

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His brother, Nick, explained how this focused approach encapsulates the mentality within AEW and amongst its creative team. According to him, knowing what WWE is doing could “screw up” how AEW book things.

“[…] that’s the mentality of Dynamite and AEW is we’d never wanted to know what that show is doing because we feel like if we do know, then it might screw up our brains and our minds on how we book things as well,” Nick shared. “So we never have wanted to get caught up in any of that.”

The Young Buck’s book, Killing The Business: From Backyards To The Big Leagues, is available now.