Multiple AEW Video Games Are In The Works, Per Tony Khan


AEW President Tony Khan has addressed plans for the highly-anticipated AEW video game, seemingly confirmed a General Manager game is coming.

AEW President Tony Khan discussed the highly-anticipated AEW video game during the Full Gear virtual media scrum following Saturday’s pay-per-view.

Khan confessed he can’t say too much about what AEW has lined up. He noted, however, that multiple games are in the works.

“We’re making multiple games. We’re working on more than one game in AEW games and we’re going to cater to multiple platforms. We’re going to cater to different kinds of games and different interests,” Khan said. “I think we’ll put a title out, a console game that’s best in class for a console game. We’re really excited about it.”

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He also shared how future AEW shows could “impact our video game plans.” Tony Khan then noted how the promotion intends to release something for fans that “[…] love putting wrestling cards up together and love to be in the position that I am which is the general manager of AEW.”

AEW recently announced it will be hosting an AEW Games Special Event. It is speculated that news about a planned console release will be made alongside a suspected mobile game that will allow fans to assume the role of a General Manager.

The promotion recently filed trademarks for the terms “All Elite Wrestling: General Manager” and “Elite GM.” Coupled with Tony Khan‘s statement, it seems the announcement of an AEW General Manager game is only a matter of time.

AEW Games Special Event takes place on Tuesday, November 10th at 6/5C. Fans can tune in on AEWGames’ YouTube channel and follow updates via Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.