WWE Abandons Brock Lesnar Trademark


The latest development regarding Brock Lesnar is in as the trademark for the former WWE Champion has been canceled. 

The reason for that is due to WWE failing to comply with a documentation request. 

WWE filed with the USPTO for the Brock Lesnar trademark on 1/9. This is standard for everyone who works for them because of merchandising purposes.

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Fast forward to March 12th, the USPTO denied WWE’s request due to them needing written consent from Lesnar and there were issues with some of the verbiage in the filing.

WWE was later given six months to get written consent from Lesnar and that was not provided. As a result, on September 15th, the filing was abandoned and confirmed via correspondence to the company on October 10th. 

Lesnar is no longer under contract with WWE and he’s a free agent. His last contract ended at WrestleMania 36, which is when he was last seen in action as he dropped the Universal Title to Drew McIntyre. His merchandise contract expired in August.

As it stands now, there’s no word yet on when or if Lesnar plans on returning to WWE. What is known is that there are no signs that he plans on fighting again in UFC, according to Dana White. 

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