WWE Star Spotted Backstage At AEW Full Gear (Video)


Cedric Alexander was there

One WWE star decided to travel to Jacksonville, Florida to attend AEW’s latest pay-per-view event, Full Gear, and that’s Cedric Alexander. 

The WWE Raw star was seen backstage at the event from Daily’s Place. The reveal came when Big Swole posted a video to her Instagram account alongside Serpentico ahead of the show. 

During the video, the camera moved towards two people talking, which were Will Hobbs and Alexander. This led to Swole giving a quick pose. In a funny moment, Serpentico told her to point the camera at him as the camera showed Alexander. 

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The reason that Alexander was at the show is due to him visiting with friends and he’s also married to Swole as they tied the knot in 2018. 

It should be noted that Swole doesn’t have a match lineup for the show. Typically, AEW will hold a casino battle royal or a ladder match in order to put as many people possible on the card. 

However, that wasn’t done here as it’s likely due to how stacked the card is and how many matches they already have. 

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