Xavier Woods Joins G4 As An On-Air Host


Xavier Woods is set to be a host when G4 relaunches next year.

WWE Superstar Xavier Woods has been announced as a new host for the revived G4 video game brand. G4 was a popular gaming network from 2002 to 2014. They are set to relaunch next year in 2021. Woods’ involvement was announced during a holiday reunion special on the G4 YouTube channel.


Woods and his fanbase had been lobbying for him to be included in the brand’s relaunch. Supporters used the #Creed4G4 hashtag on social media.

“Never in my wildest dreams did I expect #Creed4G4 to gain so much momentum among WWE fans and gamers alike,” said Woods. “As a lifelong video game fanatic, I have always held a genuine affinity for the G4 brand, and I’m honored and humbled to be joining the G4 team at a time when interest in gaming and the gaming community has never been stronger.” 

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Considering he campaigned for the role using the name ” Austin Creed” it seems notable that G4 is using his Xavier Woods name and WWE is actively promoting his involvement. He posted the following in June:

Xavier Woods Joins G4

Kevin Sabbe, Head of Content for G4, was quoted in a press release promoting Woods’ signing.

“We could not be happier to welcome Xavier to the family and introduce the first member of G4’s new cast,” said Sabbe. “The list of on-air talent with advanced degrees in psychology, unbridled passion for video games and multiple WWE Tag Team Championships is not long.”

“We loved Xavier’s creative #Creed4G4 campaign and cannot wait to showcase his many talents throughout G4’s developing slate of programming. Xavier stands as a fantastic first representative of an exciting and diverse team that we are assembling for G4 and will be introducing in the coming weeks and months.”  

G4TV original Olivia Munn congratulated Xavier Woods on landing the gig: