Bianca Belair Reflects On Paul Heyman Calling Her The “Future” Of The Women’s Division


SmackDown Superstar Bianca Belair has reflected on receiving praise from Paul Heyman, and how the pandemic has affected her relationship with Montez Ford.

SmackDown Superstar Bianca Belair has reflected on the high praise she received from Paul Heyman. In an interview with Metro, she confessed how hearing Heyman describe her as the “future” of the women’s devision helped to bolster her personal confidence.

“To hear Paul Heyman saying those words about me, even though we didn’t win at Survivor Series, I was able to shine, I call myself the BEST of WWE and it’s one thing for me to say it, but to hear someone like Paul Heyman say that, really just builds the confidence in me,” Belair confessed.

Belair acknowledged how influential Heyman has been to pro wrestling. She highlighted his wealth of experience and how he tends to have his eye on breakout talent. This extends to her husband’s tag team, The Street Profits.

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“I know how high he was on the Street Profits and to see the success their having – to see that he’s that high on me, it only brings my confidence even higher.”

Bianca Belair On Her Relationship With Montez Ford

Regarding her real-life husband Montez Ford, Belair opened up about their relationship amidst the coronavirus pandemic. She reflected on WWE‘s usually hectic travel schedule. She noted how Superstars are so busy traveling and working they tend to miss the personal moments.

“[…] you have so many big moments and sometimes you feel like they’re small moments but they’re actually really big moments, but there’s so much happening that you sometimes forget to appreciate life and the life WWE has provided us,” Belair explained. “Being able to slow down now, we love to celebrate our accomplishments whether they’re big or they’re small. Now we can have time to do that. We have time to really sit and just talk about ideas.”

Custom Ring Gear

Having more time at home with Ford has also allowed her time to create more of her own ring gear. She shared how she’s “probably made more gear in this year than I’ve made since I’ve been in WWE.”

According to Belair, she has an entire room filled with ring gear ready to be worn. She noted how she’s eager to get back in the ring and have more matches, just so she can “show this gear off, because otherwise it’s just going to sit in the closet.”

Bianca Belair became part of the SmackDown roster after the WWE Draft in October. Despite her excitement to get involved with the blue brand, Belair recently confessed a part of her still misses NXT.