Booker T Reflects On The Undertaker’s ‘Final Farewell’ At Survivor Series


WWE Hall of Famer Booker T has reflected on The Undertaker's 'Final Farewell' at WWE's recent Survivor Series pay-per-view.

WWE Hall of Famer Booker T has reflected on his appearance during The Undertaker‘s ‘Final Farewell’ at Survivor Series. He talked about the farewell segment during his Hall of Fame podcast.

Booker T was one of several Superstars and Hall of Famers who came to the ring to honor “The Dead Man.”

However, none of them were given the opportunity to talk about The Undertaker or his career. Although some found their muted inclusion to be odd, Booker T sees no problem in how it was presented. He argued that the moment wasn’t for them at all, it was for The Undertaker.

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“I look at it a little bit different. We were just there to be there for that moment, for the Undertaker. That moment wasn’t for us to—it was for the Undertaker,” Booker T said. “It was for him, it was his moment. Anything we would’ve said could’ve overshadowed what he said because we know the Undertaker and he was never a guy that was going to talk a whole lot.”

He then joked about how the last thing fans want is to give a microphone to a “bunch of old wrestlers.” Booker T then confessed that being asked to be out there meant a lot to him and that he got emotional.

He then acknowledged how there should have been thousands of cheering fans in attendance to say goodbye to “The Phenom.”

Out of everything with how ‘Taker’s ‘Final Farewell’ went, the lack of an audience is the thing that bothered him the most.