Should AEW Sign Brock Lesnar? “Everybody Has Their Damn Price”


The man who recruited Brock Lesnar to WWE says AEW could land him with the right offer

Brock Lesnar is a free agent. The 43-year-old megastar could retire comfortably after lucrative runs with WWE and the UFC. He also remains one of the biggest box office attractions on earth. All Elite Wrestling (AEW) could garner tremendous attention by signing him. WWE Hall of Famer Gerald Brisco thinks Lesnar would entertain the right offer.

Brisco recently spoke with Nick Hausman of Wrestling Inc about Lesnar’s future. The man who recruited Lesnar to WWE twenty years ago says you can ‘never say never’ in the pro wrestling business.

“If the money is right, and I believe this with all my soul that Brock Lesnar would not do it unless he was offered one of those .. as Ted DiBiase said, ‘Everybody has their damn price.'”

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Brisco says that AEW would have to offer Brock Lesnar an ‘ungodly’ amount of money to sign him. Even then, he think Lesnar would approach Vince McMahon with the opportunity to match such an offer.

“You talk about frugal,” Brisco said of Lesnar. “He is one of the most frugal guys there is on the face of the Earth. Did he save us money? Yes, every damn penny of it, but I think it would have to be an extreme circumstance, and I think he would pick up the phone and call Vince about the amount of money that he got offered and see if Vince is going to go to do anything. And honestly, I think Vince would do something.”

WarnerMedia and the billionaire Khan family have the financial resources to make Brock Lesnar an offer that would qualify as an “extreme circumstance.” It remains to be seen if they view the cost of acquiring Lesnar to be worthwhile.

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