CM Punk Reveals If He Watches NXT


CM Punk offers some high praise to two current NXT stars

Former WWE champion CM Punk took on his Twitter yesterday to offer some high praise to two members of the current NXT roster, while also revealing if he watches the show.

The Leader Of The Straight Edge Society made a tweet and said that everyone else on the show should feel embarrassment at the fact that Pat McAfee is a better promo than everyone else on the NXT roster.

A fan replied to these comments from Punk and asked what he thinks is the ceiling for the former NFL player if he fully commits himself to wrestling.

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Interestingly Punk responded by claiming that there is zero reason for Pat to commit to the sport full time because he is already the best thing on the show apart from Rhea Ripley.

This exchange led many to wonder if the former WWE star watches the Black And Yellow brand responding to which, the former UFC star said ‘Not always.’ You can check out the full exchange below:

Neither of the NXT stars have responded to this praise from the wrestling veteran so far and it would be interesting to know what they think about Punk’s comments.