EC3 Says WWE Released Him Hours After He Pitched A Storyline Idea


The former WWE Superstar talks his release from the company

Former WWE Superstar EC3 recently appeared on Chris Van Vliet’s podcast. The ‘One Percenter’ discussed a number of topics during the interview, including the fight club concept he pitched to WWE and how the Covid-19 pandemic prevented him from requesting his release.

“I was going to force her hand,” EC3 began, explaining how he was close to leaving WWE before the COVID-19 pandemic. “The only thing that kept me there? It was the fact that I’m like ‘Oh man there is a pandemic. My parents have a small business, my family might need it. I can’t pass up that money, they might need it.'”

EC3 later discussed pitching a a new character idea as he was preparing to return from a bad concussion.

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“Around WrestleMania time I was coming back from a pretty serious concussion that cost me about five or six months. That really changed my life and really made me think about this character.”

“I pitched this idea,” he continued. “I’m a decent writer, I was typing it up, this real great thing, and I included a promo with it. I send it in on a Wednesday, and two hours later I got fired!”

He finished by saying how he was ‘ready to leave’ when the news was presented to him. “The day I sent in some magnificent pitch, I’m fired! The first thing I thought was, ‘Oh, I’m actually okay with this, it’s fine. Don’t worry about it. I’ll be okay.’ Then I just posted the [same] promo to the world [on YouTube]. The only thing I didn’t want was people to think I sat around and did nothing.”

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