Eric Bischoff On Sting In AEW: ‘A Motivated Steve Borden Can Be A Powerful Addition’


Former WCW President Eric Bischoff has discussed Sting's AEW debut, and what the "The Icon" could provide the promotion.

Former WCW President Eric Bischoff has commented on Sting’s recent AEW debut at Winter is Coming. Bischoff responded to fans commenting on the debut on Twitter. He shared his excitement over what Sting‘s signing means for AEW and “The Icon” himself.

Bischoff discussed the future storyline potential that would include the former WCW World Champion. He explained how AEW has so far “[…] over delivered on one very important story element and have laid an intriguing foundation for another.” As far as Bischoff is concerned, he’s all in on Sting‘s involvement with the promotion.

In response to another fan commenting on Sting‘s WCW ‘Crow’ gimmick, Bischoff reflected on how it was an “amazing story/arc” that helped redefine his character. He added how a “motivated Steve Borden can be a powerful addition to the cast.”

Sting Debuts

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“The Icon” debuted during this Wednesday’s episode of Dynamite. The Winter is Coming special not only saw the surprise debut of Sting, it also saw Kenny Omega dethrone Jon Moxley to become the new AEW World Champion.

AEW has hyped up Sting‘s appearance on next week’s episode of Dynamite. “The Icon” is set to speak about his actions at Winter is Coming and will no doubt hint towards his future intentions.