Ethan Page Says The North Is Not Splitting Up, Even If He Leaves Impact


Ethan Page and Josh Alexander, collectively known as The North, are 2-time Impact Wrestling World Tag Team champions. It’s rumored that Ethan Page is leaving Impact Wrestling when his contract expires at the end of December. Alexander’s deal runs for several more months.

Impact booked Ethan Page to have a “mental breakdown” this past Saturday at Final Resolution. After losing his match to Karl Anderson, Page had a ‘mental breakdown’ and got into an argument with Josh Alexander. The angle fueled speculation that Page is leaving Impact, casting more doubt on the team’s future.

Ethan Page appeared on The Push podcast this week to address the situation. Page says The North was created before they teamed together in Impact Wrestling. They’ve invested in each other, they are best friends in real life and nobody will dictate if they break up.

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“If you think for one F’N second that we’re going to let Impact dictate whether we break up, or we don’t, or whatever you’re out of your damn mind,” said Paige.

“I’m telling you guys. Everyone watched Final Resolution, and everyone saw my mental breakdown, whatever. It doesn’t matter. I’m telling you guys that no matter which way this goes The North are not splitting.”

He continued, “Wherever I land in 2021, we are not breaking up. That’s my best friend in real life. That’s my best friend on screen. So, that’s not something that I’m willing to toy with to make a couple dollars in the entertainment industry.”

Page reiterated that whatever happens in the years to come, The North is the best tag team int he world. He believes there is still plenty for them to do. It doesn’t matter if they’re known as The North or get rebranded elsewhere. “This is a forever friendship and the friendship is tied to the tag team.”