Hulk Hogan Praises 3 Top WWE Superstars


Hulk Hogan will return to WWE for legends night next week on RAW.

Hulk Hogan is scheduled to be part of WWE‘s legends night next week on RAW. He spoke to Metro UK about the upcoming event and during the discussion, mentioned 3 WWE Superstars he has been impressed by.

Hogan first offered praise for Smackdown’s Kevin Owens. He said he was first impressed by Owens after watching him in NXT back in 2015.

“I was really into the NXT thing and I didn’t see any one guy there that really grinded and just thumped and thumped and stayed on it and was just vicious, and knew when to back off and when to beg and knew all the Pat Patterson tricks,’ Hogan said. “Then I saw Kevin Owens and I thought ‘Wow, that’s the guy. That’s the guy.’ You know, he can be the next one if he’s given the opportunity.”

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Kevin Owens has recently been involved in a program with Roman Reigns on Smackdown.

The Hulkster also had positive things to say about WWE Champion Drew McIntyre, the man who holds the title he wore on five occasions.

“I’ve watched Drew McIntyre, and the years of training and in-ring experience, now he’s as legit as they come,” said Hogan. “He’s got the eye of the tiger look in his eyes. He’s got the body of a god. His work is solid, everything he does is spot on. His interviews are good.”

Hulk Hogan Sees Money in Matt Riddle

Hogan then offered praise for RAW’s Matt Riddle, who recently agreed to terms on a new WWE contract.

“Right now there’s another guy that’s stumbling into that situation. You know, acting like he doesn’t know what’s going on but he’s smart as hell,” Hogan continued.

“That’s the ‘Bro’, Riddle, who kicks his flip-flops off when he comes into the ring. ‘I’ve been watching him and he’s really got good instincts. He’s really got a good aptitude for understanding what needs to be done, you know. It’s all about instincts and timing. ‘His timing is off a little bit but it’s starting to come each and every week so, I mean, he would be the next one I’d put my money on.”

The full interview with Hulk Hogan can be read here.