Jim Cornette Says It’s “A Bummer” Watching Vince McMahon on Television


The former WWE employee talks how it's a 'bummer' watching McMahon these days

Former WWE, TNA, WCW and NWA personality Jim Cornette recently discussed Vince McMahon and his recent WWE television appearances. Mr McMahon was recently seen on the Survivor Series PPV, introducing The Undertaker for his Final Farewell in the company.

Many fans and critics have noted McMahon’s advanced age and look during his recent appearances. Cornette himself would also comment on McMahon’s physical stature as he reaches his mid to late 70s.

Jim Cornette on Vince McMahon

“He looks like an old man” Cornette would begin on the Drive Thru podcast. “The one guy that…everybody that knew him? We thought he would never age. The one guy that they’ve [the fans] seen with all that vim and vigour on television, even if you’ve never met him, or seen him in person.”

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Jim Cornette would then question why WWE still has McMahon being presented in the ‘same’ way he has been for the past 20+ years on television. “I think it’s just at this point? To have him stand in the ring and do the same type of delivery? Or deliver the message the same kind of way? It might be…it’s a bummer now [to watch]!”

“Maybe he should be in a boardroom setting” Cornette would continue. “I mean make use of the most famous wrestling personality they still have in the company. Make use of him! Just don’t have him doing the same kind of sh*t he used to do, because then you’re comparing it to 10 years ago, 20 years ago, 30 years ago. Anybody’s gonna lose something [after that long].”

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Check out the video of Vince McMahon from just 4 years ago to see the difference!