Lana Talks WWE Third Party Edicts


Lana wants to help WWE in coming to an agreement with stars

The third-party edicts from WWE have been a topic of discussion among wrestling fans in the past few months and Lana is one of the stars affected by these new rules from the company.

The female star recently had an interview with New York Post where she talked about things like cyberbullying, incorporating her real-life struggles in her ongoing storyline with Shayna Baszler & Nia Jax and more.

During the interview, Lana was asked if she thinks that WWE can come to an agreement with stars to allow them to continue using the digital platforms and she revealed that they have actually been in discussion with the management:

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“Absolutely. I know we are all in that discussion with the company of trying to work that out. Once again, the world has changed quickly. Everything has moved into digital space now.”

Lana continued by mentioning how there is a lot of untapped potential for WWE stars to make money through the social channels and said that she wants to help the company officials in coming to an agreement with the stars:

“I’m actually really excited because I expressed to WWE how much I would love to help them build something out for the talent because I feel like we haven’t even slightly started to tap into how big of stars we can be on the digital front and how much money we could make for WWE.

So, I’m excited. I know sometimes when things happen it’s a slow and steady … you have to be patient with change. But I really believe I’m gonna be one of the ones that’s gonna help build this out and this new WWE where we are going to be bigger than ever, the talent.”

Apart from this, the former NXT star talked about things like her TLC match and more. You can check out her full interview at this link.