Mark Henry Talks Bret Hart ‘Saving’ His WWE Career


The Worlds Strongest Man talks Bret Hart saving his WWE career

WWE Hall of Famer and co-host of SiriusXM’s Busted Open Radio Mark Henry recently recalled incidents backstage whilst he was in the then WWF.

Although no particular names where mentioned, Henry would recall several ‘cliques’ backstage in WWE/WWF. The timeline for the incidents appeared to be during the mid to late 90’s, and Henry would mention how Bret Hart was instrumental in helping him keep his career on track.

“The WWE has had success with me” Mark Henry would begin on Busted Open. “But they also made some mistakes, throwing me to the wolves. It ended up with me making threats against ‘top guys’ and then those ‘top guys’ going ‘look it’s me or him.'”

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“There was a lot of cliques and individual mafias” Mark Henry would continue. “Where guys…they all stood up for their own group of guys. When I had trouble with one? I had trouble with all of them. And I didn’t mind, I was like ‘bring it outside.’ And they’re like, ‘man, are you crazy!?’ ‘Yeah that’s right, I am crazy!’ and it didn’t help me.”

Mark Henry would then discuss how he went to Bret Hart‘s school in Calgary and he worked with The Hitman. “So, Bret was opening up a school in Calgary, and Vince knew about that. Vince talked to Bret about having me come there for a while and letting the smoke clear, because at that time? I had dropped a nuclear bomb.”

“I got to Canada” Henry continued. “Bret was like ‘hey man, you seem like a good dude. I know what happened to you, let’s fix it, because I think that it’s over for you, if I can’t fix you.’ It was just that.” Obviously whatever Bret did to help worked Henry in the end.

Who do you think that Mark Henry argued with backstage? Any particular Kliqs spring to mind? Let us know in the comments