Mil Muertes Coming To MLW


Salina de la Renta has summoned Mil Muertes.

Former Lucha Underground Champion, Mil Muertes, is on his way to MLW. Recently on episodes of MLW Fusion, Salina de la Renta has been sending in videos of her from Mexico City. Last week, she teased fans by saying she was summoning Pascal Mendoza, a name Lucha Underground fans may have been familiar with.

Pascal Mendoza was the name of Mil Muertes’ character when he was a child. Mendoza was trapped in the rubble of the 1985 Mexico City earthquake where his association with death began.

This week on MLW Fusion, Salina de la Renta was seen practicing some type of ritual and appeared to be summoning Mil Muertes. In MLW‘s storyline, Salina aided Contra Unit in their takeover of MLW‘s corporate offices this spring. Konnan then revealed this fact, resulting in the league suspending her. Now, Salina is out for revenge and eveidently is summoning Mil Muertes for this purpose.

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The Mil Muertes character was portrayed by Ricky Banderas in Lucha Underground. In addition to being a former Lucha Underground Champion, Banderas is a 4x AAA Mega Champion. Banderas also competed in TNA Wrestling in 07-08 under the name Judas Mesias. He was managed by Father James Mitchell in the promotion.