MLW Fusion Results (12/2): The Opera Cup Continues


MLW Fusion 12/2 featured two matches in the 2020 Opera Cup tournament.

Major League Wrestling presented another episode of Fusion on December 2nd, 2020. This week’s show featured two matches in the Opera Cup tournament and the debut of the “Black Hand of Contra.”

MLW Fusion 12/2 Quick results:

  1. Opera Cup 2020 (1st Round)
    ACH defeated Laredo Kid
  2. Mads Krugger defeated Ariel Dominguez
  3. Opera Cup 2020 (1st Round)
    Low-Ki defeated Davey Boy Smith Jr.

ACH Advances To Opera Cup Semi-Finals

MLW Fusion kicked off this week with ACH and Laredo Kid vying for the right to advance to the 2020 Opera Cup semi-finals. These two battled for close to 15-minutes in what was an even match up until the finish. Laredo Kid went to the top rope but was caught with a kick by ACH who then landed the Spirit Bomb (brainbuster) for the win. He’ll meet Tom Lawlor in the semi-finals.

Team Filthy To Enter The Tag Team Division

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After ACH defeated Laredo Kid, we saw a backstage promo from ACH’s next opponent, Tom Lawlor. The former MLW World Champion announced that his Team Filthy stablemate, Dominic Garrini, has found a new tag partner in Kevin Ku and they will wrestle next week.

The Von Erichs To Face Contra Unit Next Week

The Von Erichs cut a promo this week from Hawaii. The brothers took offense to Contra Unit’s calling them out and vowed to go after the stable. It was later announced that Marshall and Ross will defend the tag titles next week against Jacob Fatu and Simon Gotch next week.

The Black Hand of Contra Debuts

Recently on Fusion, a large man known only as the Black Hand of Contra debuted and attacked Alexander Hammerstone. This week, we learned the man’s name is Mads Krugger. He faced the much smaller Ariel Dominguez in singles action this week. Krugger manhandled his opponent and finished him off with a front-facing slam in under 2-minutes. Masked members of the Sentai Death Squad came out after the match and put Dominguez in a body bag.

Low-Ki Defeats Davey Boy Smith Jr. To Advance To Opera Cup Semi-Finals

Last year’s Opera Cup winner, Davey Boy Smith Jr. faced former MLW World Champion, Low-Ki, in this week’s main event. These two met in the 1st round of last year’s tournament, with Smith coming out the winner.

The finish of their match from last year’s tournament would factor into the finish of their match in this year’s tournament. After battling back and forth for 20-minutes, Smith attempted his running power slam but it was countered by Low-Ki into a choke. Smith attempted to turn the choke into a pinning combination as he did last year but Low-Ki reversed it into a pinning combination of his own and got the win.

With the win, Low-Ki moves on to face Richard Holliday in the semi-finals.

Next Week On MLW Fusion

The following matches are on tap for MLW Fusion next week:

  • Calvin Tankman in action
  • MLW Tag Team Championships
    The Von Erichs (Ross & Marshall) (c) vs Jacob Fatu & Simon Gotch (Contra Unit)
  • Opera Cup Semi-Final #1
    Richard Holliday vs Low Ki

Also on Fusion this week:

  • Salina de la Renta is in Mexico City. She cut a promo saying she had some business to take care of and she doesn’t think Konnan will like it.
  • Richard Holliday cut a promo saying he’s dedicating his performance in the Opera Cup tournament to his injured stablemate, Alexander Hammerstone. Holliday was involved in an altercation with former Dynasty stable member, Gino Medina, last week.