Roman Reigns Retains Universal Title At WWE TLC


The highly-anticipated showdown between Roman Reigns and Kevin Owens took place in one of the top matches featured on the card of Sunday’s WWE TLC pay-per-view event. 

Reigns put the WWE Universal Title on the line against Owens in a TLC Match. The contest had a brawling style with various yet expected weapons being used such as tables, ladders, chairs, and steel steps. Jey Uso was taken out after attacking Owens as “KO” hit him with a steel chair a few times. Uso later returned to stop Owens from climbing a ladder. 

Once again, Owens appeared to take out Jey with a powerbomb through the announce table. Owens buried him with objects at ringside. Reigns hit a powerbomb to Owens on a ladder in the corner then through a table on the floor.

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At one point, Reigns went for a spear on the floor, but Owens moved and Reigns went crashing through the barricade. The finish saw Reigns connect with a low blow then applied the guillotine choke to Owens until he passed out. Reigns grabbed the title for the win. 

Reigns had been in a feud with Jey Uso for a few months before beating WWE Champion Drew McIntyre at last month’s Survivor Series pay-per-view event. 

This program started on an episode of SmackDown following Survivor Series in which Jey worked a match against Owens that led to the cousin of “The Big Dog” getting himself DQ by hitting Owens with a steel chair.

This led to Owens getting back at Uso by hitting several Stunners the calling out Reigns. The following week, Owens doubled down by challenging Reigns to this bout for the Universal Title, which Reigns accepted the challenge. 

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