Stephanie McMahon On Star Power, Amplifying WWE’s Superstars


WWE's Chief Brand Officer Stephanie McMahon has explained the power of star power, and why WWE tries to amplify its talents with "individual voices."

Stephanie McMahon has explained how WWE tries to “amplify” its individual stars by allowing them to have “individual voices.”

“One of the things that we understood early on is star power. It’s about the attraction, it’s about the draw,” Stephanie said on The Playbook podcast. “Whether it’s a live event or you’re trying to drive television ratings or social media engagement, you have to have star power.”

She explained how WWE tries to “[…] amplify the individual stars so we can create the biggest moats around them.” According to her, they need to have “individual voices.” Stephanie believes they can achieve this by being “their own personas.”

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Stephanie then acknowledged the importance of cultivating engagement between fans and Superstars in the digital age. She explained how this stems from people’s need to relate.

“At the end of the day, the audience might not relate to a brand, to the WWE or another league, but they might relate to a team or an individual star,” Stephanie McMahon explained. “More and more, you’re seeing that in the media space. Whether it’s content creators on TikTok or Twitch, you see these consumers and people getting behind the content creators and influencers individually because they relate to them.”

Stephanie noted how people relate in different ways. However, she argued that “if you can create the opportunities for engagement, then the rising tide will raise all boats.”

WWE recently implemented a third-part edict that saw it Superstars forced to shut down their Cameo and Twitch accounts. This decision has reportedly rankled several Superstars who were making money from their live streams.