WWE NXT Star Reportedly Tests Positive For COVID-19


Another star tested postive

The WWE NXT brand has been dealt with another positive COVID-19 test as one of its stars has the virus. 

Fightful Select reports that another top star tested positive for the virus recently. However, there’s not the same concern attached to it compared to previous wrestlers testing positive as it hasn’t led to an outbreak. 

The name of the wrestler wasn’t mentioned, but what the report did state was the wrestler isn’t known to be around large crowds of people very often. 

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WWE has been criticized in the past for its handling of the coronavirus, but NXT has been hit harder as of late due to the guidelines in place. WWE has resumed training its developmental talent and has an odd schedule of tests. 

The report stated that it’s not on the same level of concern on the main roster because they’re tested before every show. 

For those who are wondering, this talent testing positive doesn’t look to impact the NXT WarGames event this Sunday. 

There was a big outbreak within NXT back in October thanks to several wrestlers attending a party. Because of its reactions being relaxed, Florida has been hit hard since the start of the pandemic. 

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