Update On AEW’s Efforts To Work With NJPW


Tony Khan is still hoping to work with NJPW.

AEW‘s Winter is Coming show ended with Impact Wrestling executive Don Callis telling fans to tune into his show Tuesday night on AXS TV. According to a recent report from the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, AEW is open to working with all wrestling companies right now and is still hoping to create a working relationship with New Japan Pro Wrestling.

“Khan has been speaking to Rocky Romero regularly of late to try and open doors to New Japan, feeling the odds are better to do something with Harold Meij gone,” wrote Dave Meltzer.

Earlier reports stated that Tony Khan was cautiously optimistic about what Harold Meij leaving NJPW would do for a potential working relationship.

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“I’m not sure yet,” was Tony Khan’s reaction to Meij’s departure in the Wrestling Observer in October. “But my initial gut feeling is it could be good.”

Khan also spoke about wanting a relationship with New Japan during a media scrum after AEW Revolution.

“We all definitely watch a lot of New Japan in this room. I think they are a great company and a lot of my people have worked shows there and I have no problem with guys – as long as its not interfering on a regular basis with what we do on Wednesdays and with our PPVs, guys working there. That’s some of the flexibility we have. Can’t have it all the time but I think it’s been fine for me, it doesn’t really bother me.”