Update On Charges & Allegations Against Alberto Del Rio


Alberto Del Rio's accuser has recanted.

As of this writing, Alberto Del Rio is still scheduled to go to trial in January. He has been charged with kidnapping and sexual assault. It now appears, however, that his accuser will likely not testify and the charges against him could be dropped.

Alberto’s former girlfriend recently posted a short statement through her social media. She apologized to the Rodriguez (Alberto’s real last name) family for her actions but did not go into detail.

“An apology to the Rodriguez del Rio family for the damages caused by my mistakes,” she wrote in Spanish.

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Alberto has reportedly been saying the charges against him have been dropped and that he will have one more hearing on the matter.

The situation involving the charges against Del Rio was also addressed recently on Wrestling Observer Radio.

“It looks like that case is gonna go away because the woman is recanting her story,” Dave Meltzer said. “There was police inspectors saw her, saw her bruises, so it’s hard for me to go, well, you know, she changed her story. Then there was actually talk originally that she was going to leave town and not even testify in the first place.”

“It looked bad for him as far as the indictment and everything like that and the crime was like freaking hideous the way it was described. But the charge itself is going to go away,” Meltzer continued.

Alberto Del Rios’ brother put out a statement regarding’s Alberto’s accuser recanting.

“Well gang, as everyone knows the truth always falls under its own weight. After so many and so many months, finally the garbage person who accused my brother of something totally false spoke with the truth admitting her lie,” he wrote.

Meltzer continued to talk about the reaction to Alberto’s accuser recanting.

“There’s too much. She recants her story and then the family starts talking about she’s a money-grubber type of thing. That she’s using it for money. And the criminal case was not about money. So, you know, you try to tie the dots together. I certainly come up with something but I better not say it.”