Raven On Why Vince McMahon Didn’t Like Him


Raven recently revealed why his WWE career didn't go too well.

Former ECW, WCW, WWE, and TNA alumni Raven recently spoke about why he had heat with Vince McMahon. Raven was on the Scheduled for 2 Falls podcast, when he commented on the situation.

“Me and Shane used to be really tight but we drifted apart. He’d go out with me every night. Big heat with Linda and Vince. The boys thought I was kissing ass for my career but it actually killed my career, giving me heat.”

Raven actually went into greater detail about this during a Talk is Jericho appearance in 2015.

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“They used to call me Johnny Port Chester Polo because Stamford, they rolled the sidewalks up at one o’clock, but Port Chester was open till five in the morning. It 5 miles away. My downfall was I’d bring Shane out with me, Shane McMahon. And the boys are like, ‘ah, you’re sucking up to him’ and I’m like, ‘no, I’m not! I’m burying myself’ because he’d call his dad, and on commentary, I’d call his dad ‘Vic’ instead of ‘Vince’, so he’d go, ‘hey, Vic,’ which is just horrible! He’d say, ‘hey, Vic, it’s,’ and it would be, like, four in the morning, ‘I’m just going to sleep at Johnny Polo’s tonight’ and so I just buried myself.”

Jim Ross spent some time talking about Raven on Grillin JR recently.

“The thing about Raven, it was never a talent issue. He had talent. He was a good talker, smart guy, high IQ. Probably could have been a good road agent at some point later on. He could have contributed in a lot of ways.”