The Rock Gifts Truck To Long Time WWE Employee (Video)


Harvey Wippleman has been with WWE since 1991

Dwayne ‘The Rock‘ Johnson has been known for surprising important people in his life with cars and the great one has done it once again.

This time the former world champion has gifted a new Ford F-150 pickup truck to longtime WWE employee Harvey Wippleman for helping the Hollywood star when he was younger.

The Rock recently made a post on his Instagram and in the caption, he explained how Wippleman, real name Bruno Lauer helped him by providing him a place to live after the former champion was evicted off the island of Hawaii.

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The post accompanied a video in which the two told a story of how Harvey bought The Rock his first car for $40 when he was younger and the people’s champion thanked him for his gesture with a brand new car:

Harvey Wippleman was originally hired by WWE as a manager back in 1991. He transitioned to a backstage role in the company towards the end of the 90s.

Since then, the former WWE manager has made sporadic on-screen appearances for the company while also working behind the scenes as a road agent. His most recent on-screen appearance for the promotion came during the Raw 25 Years celebration episode in January 2018.