Update On Chris Jericho Testing Positive For COVID-19 In September


Chris Jericho revealed he tested positive for COVID-19 in September.

Chris Jericho revealed on an episode of Talk is Jericho recently that he tested positive for COVID-19 back in September. Jericho said he was asymptomatic and was actually surprised that he tested positive. More information on this was revealed recently on Wrestling Observer Radio.

“He believes that he got it from a family friend, is what I understand,” said Dave Meltzer regarding Jericho. “Had no symptoms. Nobody in the family had any symptoms but the friend tested positive so he went and checked and tested positive.”

“(He) quarantined, did not feel bad. At the next TV, he passed the test and worked the next TV after the quarantine was over.”

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There have been some fans wondering if Jericho’s positive COVID test is related to cases that Lance Archer and Nick Jackson had around the same time. In the case of Lance Archer, however, it’s believed he got it from a friend.

“It was from a family member who may have gotten it from a friend when they were taking the dog to the vet, I think is the story,” Meltzer said about Archer.

Nick Jackson doesn’t know how he got the virus.

“Nick Jackson doesn’t know how he got it. He doesn’t know if he got it from a taping, he doesn’t know if he got it from the airport but when he got home from the taping, he was sick right away,” Meltzer continued. “He was traveling with Matt and he was traveling with Brandon Cutler and they were fine.”