Update On WWE’s COVID-19 Outbreak


WWE is reportedly dealing with multiple COVID-19 cases.

WWE is reportedly dealing with multiple cases of COVID-19 at the moment. The situation was addressed recently on Wrestling Observer Radio.

“There’s at least 4, including Drew McIntyre, WWE wrestlers that I’m aware of that have or just got over COVID,” said Dave Meltzer. “There may be more. Those are only the names I know.”

WWE has only gone public with Drew McIntyre‘s diagnosis, but COVID-19 is currently impacting SmackDown and NXT as well.

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There was one on Smackdown, who did miss Smackdown, was scheduled on the show, and taken off. There is one who is a big star who just returned from COVID. Then there is another one in NXT, and there are probably others and there are probably others that will be kept out due to contact tracing, I’m going to guess.”

Due to the current situation, WWE was forced to work with a greatly reduced crew at Monday’s Raw. The whole show was rewritten and Triple H wrestled his first cable television match in years.

“The show was obviously very much a skeleton show, you could see by people working multiple matches and a lot of talent that you’d expect to be on the show was not there. The RAW show had to be completely re-done.”

Drew McIntyre noted on last night’s RAW broadcast that he is one of the lucky ones to not be dealing with any symptoms.

“Mild symptoms, actually. I know what he said, but it’s mild symptoms,” Meltzer said regarding McIntyre’s health.