Monday, December 6, 2021

Reason Why The Rock Couldn’t Appear At Survivor Series

Survivor Series last night was the 25th Anniversary of the Rock debuting in WWE. Highlights from his career were played throughout the show. There were also mentions of his movie, Red Notice, currently streaming on Netflix. Some people expected the Rock to appear live but according to comments by Dave Meltzer on Wrestling Observer Radio, it was not possible for him to be there.

“Dwayne’s out of the country and can’t come back. They’re doing a movie and they can’t go back and forth because of quarantine. There was no way he could be at the show tonight,” said Dave Meltzer.

“He was never advertised, they never told you, it was something that people built up in their imagination,” Meltzer continued.

“If he was advertised and wasn’t there, it’s one thing but he was absolutely not advertised, that’s the thing. There was never a chance he could be there. They never announced ‘oh, he’s in Europe, he can’t be there’ because they never advertised him in the first place.”

While the Rock wasn’t there, Vince McMahon filmed several scenes involving a golden egg that had been given to him by the Rock. This is related to the movie Red Notice. The angle will continue on tonight’s show with wrestlers from both RAW and Smackdown booked for the show.

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