Arn Anderson Warns Wrestlers Like MJF To Protect Their Bodies: “You’ve Only Got One”

Arn Anderson’s advice to young talents like MJF is to focus more on building moments instead of doing more moves. The wrestling veteran recently had an interview with WrestleBinge for Sportskeeda and spoke about topics including Cody Rhodes meteoric rise to the top of WWE.

During the interview, Arn was asked why he thinks today’s matches are not as memorable compared to the matches of the past. The AEW star explained that back in the day they used to build a match around just one big moment:

“You know why? Because we built a match around one big thing usually that would occur during a match. Today’s mentality is do a bunch of just spectacular, which it is, athletically unbelievable things and string them all together. The problem with that is, to the naked eye there I just saw six unbelievable things, but I don’t remember what was third, second, fourth because it’s just too much. In the old days we had to make everything mean something because you had to do that every single day, sometimes for 365 days a year.”

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You can watch the full interview with Arn Anderson here:

‘You’ve Got Only One Body’

Later in the discussion, the Four Horseman original was asked for his thoughts on Maxwell Jacob Friedman (MJF). Anderson first said that the former AEW Champion has unlimited potential. He then advised MJF and others to protect their bodies in the ring.

“I think MJF is unlimited in what he can achieve in this business as long as…You gotta take less chances in this business than a lot of these guys take and I’ve seen him do things. Were they spectacular? Yes. Were they athletic? Yes. Were they incredible? Yes. But did they particularly need it? and I’m using him as an example but it’s kind of across board. You just don’t beat your body up, you only got one, to the point that before you know it, you’ve had a brilliant five-year career.”

Many wrestlers have spoken about having a “bump card,” a term used to describe the finite number of bumps a wrestler can take throughout their careers. You take a bump, you ‘punch’ the card. If you don’t take care of your body, your bump card will fill up and your career can be cut short.

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MJF lost the AEW World Championship to Samoa Joe at the Worlds End PPV in December 2023. He was supposed to start a feud with Adam Cole who cost him the title after the show but the Salt of The Earth had to take time off due to a shoulder injury.

The former champion reportedly underwent a surgery and currently there is no timetable for his return. He spoke with Jason Solomon for SEScoops just before Worlds End and detailed the injuries he was working through at the time.