Brody King Channels Greg Valentine After Adam Copeland Injury

Adam Copeland will be out with injury and Brody King wants The House Of Black to take credit for it.

Copeland revealed that he fractured his tibia in his barbed wire steel cage match against Malakai Black. The TNT Championship was on the line and despite the broken leg, Copeland came out on top in thanks to a surprise appearance from his old Brood buddy, Gangrel.

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The former Edge took to social media to share the unfortunate news that he did hurt himself. The injury occurred when Copeland dove off the top of the cage to land on Black, but it obviously didn’t go as planned. 

Adam did start off by saying that “The House always wins” and Brody King tends to agree with that assessment. During the bloody battle at Double Or Nothing in Las Vegas, King and Buddy Matthews teased that they would be aligning with Copeland, but it was all just a ruse in an effort to help Malakai Black.

Brody was clearly satisfied with the result of both the injury and the match. He happened to address the former by sharing a classic photo and tee shirt of Greg Valentine. ‘The Hammer’ notoriously broke the legendary Wahoo McDaniel’s leg and had a shirt made in homage to his accomplishment. King made a few changes. to Greg’s original garb, however.

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The same night Copeland got injured is the very same night that the previously injured MJF made his return to the ring. It’ll be interesting to see the direction AEW takes with Copeland being unable to defend his TNT Championship.

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