Unlikely AEW Tag Team Pairing Bonds After Rampage

Could we see a new alliance made between Dustin Rhodes and The Butcher?

Dustin Rhodes took on The Butcher in singles action during AEW Rampage after the latter stepped up to the former during an interview segment on AEW Dynamite. Dustin accepted The Butcher’s challenge and ‘The Natural’ came out on top in the battle. Following the fight, The Butcher took to X to tip his cap to Rhodes and offered him a lending hand in the future.

“I thought i had that match last night. I had him in my grips. I was doubting his legendary status. Everyone should know that Dustin Rhodes is every bit of a legend and he humbled me. From this day forward, I’ve got your back, Natural. If you ever need me, I’m here for you.”

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Rhodes took note of The Butcher’s offer (which also offered three heart emojis) and replied, “Love you dude.”

The Past “Unlikely Alliances” For Dustin Rhodes

Rhodes is certainly no stranger to “strange bedfellows” as there’s been several occassions where he’s teamed up with someone of a different ilk. Probably the most memorable unlikely alliance took place back in WWE when he as Goldust joined up with Booker T. However, you can even go back further when Dustin was originally ‘The Natural’ in WCW when he teamed with Arn Anderson until ‘The Enforcer’ stabbed him in the back.

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However, there has also been names whom Rhodes has had history with and has gotten to tag together. Obviously, him and his brother Cody had found success as a tag team, notoriously beating The Shield at WWE Battleground 2013. He also just recently teamed up with Marshall and Ross Von Erich on a previous episode of AEW Rampage.