The Young Bucks Fantasized About Beating Tony Khan Since They Met Him

The Young Bucks felt great dropping Tony Khan on his head.

The AEW EVPs have completely changed the perception about them in many ways since returning to AEW Programming after a short hiatus in January this year. The duo that have always been criticized for focusing on moves, have been doing some of the best character work of their careers.

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The decision for them to be the team to wrestle Sting in his retirement match at Revolution was originally criticized by many fans. Not only did the brothers deliver the performance of a lifetime in this bout, but they have also taken the heat from it to become one of the hottest acts in the business.

One defining moment that helped them reach this status was when Matthew and Nicholas Jackson attacked their boss and AEW President Tony Khan during the April 24 episode of Dynamite. They beat Khan up with the help of Jack Perry and then laid him out using the ‘Tony Khan driver’

The AEW stars spoke to Sports Illustrated about this moment and said that it felt ‘dangerous and rebellious.’ Matthew Jackson claimed that he knew they had done the right thing when his phone lit up afterwards:

“The locker room gasped when it went down. Afterward, my phone lit up like a Christmas tree. It was probably the most feedback I’ve ever received for anything I’ve ever done, so I know it worked.”

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The AEW EVP declared that it was something he had wanted to do since they first met with the Jacksonville Jaguars Executive:

“It was personally great for me, because I had fantasized many times about dropping Tony Khan on his head ever since I met him. I can remember many times watching him talk during production meetings, and my mind would wander to beating the hell out of him,”

We Kept An Eye On Him: Young Bucks

The Young Bucks also talked about the return of Jack Perry on AEW TV. The 26-year-old had been absent from AEW programming since his infamous All In scuffle with CM Punk in August last year.

When Perry first surfaced back on the wrestling scene in January, it was for NJPW and not AEW. Per the Bucks, they had been keeping an eye on the young star since then and giving him advice:

“We kept an eye on him the entire time he was gone and helped him navigate the situation–a familiar one that we had also gone through. We also talked him down a few times. We gave him advice on how to succeed in Japan.”

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Jack Perry became the fourth member to join the new Elite after Kazuchika Okada when he returned to AEW in April. Speaking about taking the former Jungle Boy into their group, Bucks said that they had empathy for the young star for being treated unfairly:

“Jack unfairly ate crap for a very long time. So we had a lot of empathy for him, and we were very excited to help launch his comeback.”

The Elite have been running the company to their liking in recent weeks after adding both Okada and Perry to the group. Their dominance, however, will be challenged by Team AEW consisting of Bryan Danielson, FTR, and Darby Allin at the upcoming Double or Nothing PPV on May 26 when they meet in an Anarchy in the Arena match.

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