CM Punk Had Very Interesting Manager Idea For Lio Rush In AEW

CM Punk is full of ideas, but not all of those inspirations will see the light of day. It seems that the Second City Savior had a very interesting idea for Lio Rush while he was in AEW, one that would have seen a familiar face manage the former Cruiserweight Champion.

CM Punk’s Big Idea For Lio Rush In AEW

In an interview with MuscleManMalcolm, Lio Rush shared a CM Punk-related pitch that would have delighted many fans of Danielle Fishel and pro wrestling.

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This idea would have seen the Boy Meets World star managing Lio Rush. Sadly, that idea never came to fruition. 

“I’ve got a story with CM Punk; I definitely have a story with CM Punk. I remember me and CM Punk doing like the beginning of the show when we first all came in the building. And I remember seeing him sitting in the bleachers, and I just walked over and introduced myself to him. Told him how much I looked up to him as, you know, as a kid. I didn’t want to make him feel old, but I told him that I looked up to him. That I appreciate his work and his time in WWE.”

“A couple of months later, probably about a month or two later, he ended up coming to me with an idea. I don’t even know if I should say this, but I’m just gonna say it anyway. I remember he came up with an idea where he wanted Danielle Fishel to come into AEW to be my manager because we had that mutual friend in Danielle. So, yeah, that was an idea that came up that he wanted to talk to me about that never really came to fruition. But yeah, that’s my CM Punk story. I’ve got a couple of more, but maybe I’ll save it for a book one day.”

Topanga did not make her AEW managerial debut alongside Lio Rush, but it was a good idea at the time. CM Punk and Lio Rush are both no longer with AEW, as they departed for their own controversial reasons.

Danielle Fishel is known for her pro wrestling fandom. She’s been spotted at plenty of pro wrestling events, and has also recently hung out with Trish Stratus and Mick Foley at a public appearance. Even though Tony Khan didn’t give Fishel her manager license that time around, we have to wonder if she’d be up to take on the challenge down the line.

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