Hulk Hogan Won’t Make The Same Mistakes Again After Born-Again Baptism

Two-time WWE Hall of Famer Hulk Hogan is looking to move forward from past mistakes after recently being baptized as a born-again Christian. 

The Hulkster was baptized in late 2023, in a moment he described as the greatest day of his life. Given his accolades in the wrestling world both in and outside of WWE, that’s quite the claim from the former World Champion. 

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Hogan’s recent baptism isn’t the first time he’s been part of the Christian faith and for decades, he encouraged fans to “Say your prayers” among other commands. Sitting down with CBN Sports, Hogan reflected on returning to the faith and moving on from the past. 

“I accepted Christ as my savior when I was 14 but I derailed. It wasn’t my life. But he has given me the opportunity to prove that I’m faithful and I’ll never make those same mistakes again… My faith, the momentum was overwhelming. There was nothing stopping me.”

There’s no shortage of mistakes that Hogan hopes his faith will ensure he avoids in the future. Hogan has been criticized by fans and wrestlers as a politicker who influenced promotions so he was on top, often at the expense of talented names on the roster. In 2015, racist comments by Hogan came to light which resulted in his removal from the WWE Hall of Fame. He was reinstated in 2018. 

The Hulkster is all in for Jesus Christ, and so could you, for the right price. The blue John 3:16 shirt Hogan wears in the video is available for purchase from Hogan’s website. The shirt comes in a variety of sizes and colors and features the bible verse as well as Hogan’s logo on the sleeve. 

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Hogan is hardly alone in finding faith. Shawn Michaels became a born-again Christian during his 1998-2002 hiatus which would play into his merchandise following his return. The Showstopper would publish a book about his faith in 2015. 

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