Matt Cardona Lands Role in Spaghetti Western, ‘Down The Long River’

Matt Cardona is attached to a movie project that’s currently seeking funding Indiegogo to get made. Down the Long River is described as a grim and violent revenge tale that reimagines the ‘Spaghetti Western‘ genre.

Western is a film genre in which films are set in the American West. Think sheriffs, cowboys, gunslingers, and bounty hunters. Spaghetti Western was a sub-genre of this style. They were produced and directed in Europe primarily by Italians (‘spaghetti’). Their heyday was the mid-late 20th century.

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Down the Long River marks Matt Cardona’s feature film debut. The creators commented on him joining the project, saying “his involvement brings a unique charisma and dedicated fanbase to our film.” 

Synopsis: In the aftermath of the Civil War, a former Army surgeon, a notorious gang, and a duplicitous Pinkerton agent cross paths in a forgotten river town. With revenge and a fortune in gold at stake, the town is caught in the crossfire.

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Cardona Update

As for Matt Cardona’s pro wrestling career, he’s currently sidelined with a torn pec injury which he suffered during a match for Reality of Wrestling on April 13.  He underwent successful surgery that week. In a message posted on social media, he thanked everyone for their support and made it clear the injury won’t stop him from doing what he was born to do

“You can’t kill me… I’m already dead.”

While he’s unable to wrestle, Cardona was recently announced as the new General Manager of Game Changer Wrestling.

More on Down the Long River

The team behind Down the Long River call it a mature, thought-provoking film that ‘examines our relationship with violence and antiheroes.’ It reimagines the classic Western movie tropes while delivering the genre’s beloved elements: horses, gunfights, bounty hunters, and a riverboat loaded with gold. At its core, it’s a dark, human story about the aftermath of violence and how it perpetuates further violence.

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In an effort to set the project apart from the usual Western landscapes, it’s set in a river town nestled in a lush forest, which offers a striking visual departure.

Learn more about Down the Long River:

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