Mercedes Mone Says She Has Creative Control In AEW

Mercedes Mone has said that she has creative control in AEW.

The AEW TBS Champion has been in news recently due to various reasons, including her upcoming champion vs champion match against NJPW Strong Women’s Champion Stephanie Vaquer at Forbidden Door this Sunday.

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TMZ sports cameras caught up with the female star ahead of her big match this weekend. Mone was asked if she has finally found the creative control in AEW which she was missing in WWE, and the former Sasha Banks explained that opportunities are endless for her in Tony Khan’s promotion:

“I feel like here at AEW, all of my dreams and opportunity is just endless. So of course, being the TBS champion, and this Sunday at Forbidden Door, I’m about to be two-time champion. I’m gonna be the TBS champion and the New Japan Strong Champion. So yes, this little creativity that I have of taking all the belts, and going global, it’s beautiful.”

It’s A Great Combo: Mercedes Mone

When pressed again, the Mandalorian star claimed that she indeed has creative control in AEW and she works closely with the AEW President on her presentation:

“Yes I have creative control, but I work with Tony Khan very closely, so it’s great, it’s a great combo.”

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In a different interview earlier this week, Mercedes Mone had revealed that she was in talks with AEW for 2 years before she finally signed with the company.

It’s very much possible that creative control was one of the reasons why the negotiations ran so long before she made her debut for the promotion during the March 13 episode of Dynamite this year.