Trick Williams Says NXT Title Win Is For Everybody After Victory At Spring Breakin’

Trick Williams’ emotional victory at NXT Spring Breakin’ Night One was the culmination of years of fighting, the new NXT Champion has said. 

Williams captured the gold at NXT Spring Breakin (Night One) with a main event victory over Ilja Dragunov. This match was a rematch from their previous showdown at NXT Vengeance Day. The stakes were high for the match, as Trick had vowed to leave NXT if he came up short against the Mad Dragon.

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When WWE’s camera crew caught up to Trick, the new NXT Champion was understandably excited about the win.

“It means the world to me man, I have been fighting a long time for this, this is a testament of hardwork. I have been fighting for this and I come from fighters. I have been fighting my whole life.

Williams also gave a shout-out to his mother who’s currently fighting her own battle in hospital and mentioned his brother who’s been fighting for a long time as well. 

“My mamma’s fighting right now, she is in the hospital, my brother has been fighting for a long time it’s all good, so I just did this, it’s not just for me, it’s for everybody, people who love me, the people for having my back for a long time, they taught me how to fight and I am gonna keep fighting, I am never gonna stop fighting, believe that.”

Williams’ win is a feel-good moment, especially as he’s the most popular star in WWE NXT and one of the most popular stars in the entire company. The question now though is what will his reign on top look like. With Dragunov expected to be moved to the main roster in the upcoming draft, Trick will now have to cement his reign as NXT Champion without one of the best in the world by his side. 

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