Wrestling Podcast Power Rankings: Top 25 Shows and Trends (5/30)

In professional wrestling, podcasts covering the industry are as common as clotheslines and headlocks. For those brave explorers seeking to venture into the pro wrestling podcast vortex, we here at SEScoops want to make your journey as easy as possible. Each week, we will update you on the Top 25 most-listened to wrestling podcast episodes, with a focus on the Top 5 (including embeds).

This feature uses data from Apple Podcasts compiled by Chartable.

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Top 5 Wrestling Podcasts – Apple (May 30, 2024)

1) Six Feet Under with Mark Calaway | ?

Some within the WWE Universe are still wrapping their minds around the fact that The Undertaker – The Phenom and Lord of Darkness – has a podcast. However, it’s very true, and the WWE Hall of Famer is currently killing it. On the latest edition of The Deadman’s podcast, Calaway invited UFC Fighter Tim Kennedy to discuss training, fights inside and outside the cage, mental health, hunting, and more.

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2) Jim Cornette Experience | ?

Love or hate him, Jim Cornette doesn’t care what you think. His presence in professional wrestling goes back decades, and he is one of the pioneers in producing weekly content on wrestling commentary. One can expect to find a plethora of “hot takes” and in-depth conversations on the latest happenings around the industry. In the show’s latest episode, Cornette is stuck with no power due to bad weather and trudges on anyway. 

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3) Jim Cornette’s Drive-Thru | ?

Jim Cornette’s Drive-Thru is very similar to Cornette’s other show, The Jim Cornette Experience. The difference is that Cornette opens up the show to the fans, as he and Brian Last answer questions on various topics. 

4) Insight with Chris Van Vliet | 

Chris Van Vliet isn’t just one of the most well-respected interviewers in professional wrestling; he’s an internationally recognized media personality. CVV is a 4-time Emmy Winning TV Host, YouTuber, and Inc. 500 entrepreneur who’s interviewed everyone from Anne Hathaway to Hornswoggle. In his latest episode, Vliet talked to WWE Superstar Sonya Deville about returning from injury, transitioning from MMA to WWE and more.

5) Busted Open | 

Sirius XM biggest professional wrestling show is available on all your favorite streaming platforms! Host Dave LaGreca speaks with a rotating cast of co-hosts, including Bully Ray, Mark Henry, Tommy Dreamer, Thunder Rosa, and Nic Nemeth (fka Dolph Ziggler). The show covers the latest in professional wrestling news throughout the industry, with special emphasis on WWE, AEW, NJPW, and TNA.

Top 6-25 Wrestling Podcasts – Apple (May 30, 2024)