Becky Lynch Taking Extended Time Off When WWE Contract Expires

Becky Lynch’s WWE contract is set to expire on Saturday. Following her loss on this week’s WWE Raw, it will probably be quite some time before The Man comes back around. Dave Meltzer addressed Lynch’s situation on Thursday’s Wrestling Observer Radio. With just days remaining on her WWE contract, Lynch is reportedly taking an extended leave of absense.

Her husband Seth Rollins is injured and off the road, so it makes sense for her to at least time some time off. However, Lynch’s situation is more than a vacation.

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More on Becky Lynch’s Future

Prior to WrestleMania XL, Lynch told Chris Van Vliet that she wasn’t worried about the fact that her WWE contract was running out. Ariel Helwani later asked Lynch if she’d consider working for other companies. She replied, “I’m with WWE,” but expressed uncertainty about her situation.

Endeavor is handling WWE contracts differently, as seen with Seth Rollins, who re-signed before his contract expired. Lynch’s future remains unclear, but she could become a major free agent in June if WWE doesn’t finalize a new deal.

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Tony Khan commented on the possibility of making a play for Lynch, and he made it clear that he will not tamper with her contract. She finished her WWE commitments on Monday’s Raw by losing to Women’s World Champion Liv Morgan in a steel cage match.

Chris Jericho has also given his two cents on the situation, as he said that AEW is now an option for her.

“Five years ago, Becky would have no other options. [I’m] not saying that she’s coming but there is an option and who knows what could happen? No one thought that Jericho would come to AEW. No one thought that Moxley would come or Bryan Danielson or Adam Cole or any of these guys that have come over.

So it’s exciting for the fans. It’s exciting for the wrestlers, the talent, because now suddenly if there’s a bidding war that just benefits us. So I think it’s it’s very important.”

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