WWE Drops Deliberate Tease For Bo Dallas’ Return

Bo Dallas was Uncle Howdy alongside Bray Wyatt, and the two had a lot of plans in motion. Sadly, those creative plans never came to pass as Bray Wyatt was taken from us far too soon. Now, there could be hope that Dallas will be back.

WWE still has Bo Dallas under contract, and he has been so since 2022 when he returned. Now, a new report has given fans hope that hey might see him again.

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Bo Dallas’ Possible WWE Return

Although Bo Dallas has not been seen on WWE television since donning the Uncle Howdy mask, a new report from Sean Ross Sapp of Fightful Select gives fans hope that he may be used on television again soon enough.

The end of the new Bray Wyatt documentary included a bit of a teaser, and it appears that it was for Bo Dallas.

In the final moments of the newly released Bray Wyatt documentary, viewers encounter familiar imagery. The video concludes with a signature ominous style reminiscent of Bray Wyatt, featuring a lantern panning out, followed by a voice commanding “run,” and the silhouette of a figure.

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It is now reported that the teaser was indeed referring to Bo Dallas. At this time, we don’t have any expected return time for him, because they didn’t want to rush things.

WWE sources have told Fightful it’s a teaser for Bo Dallas’ eventual return. We don’t know when that will be, but that it was a deliberate inclusion. We also haven’t learned what a return could look like as of yet. One WWE rep noted to Fightful months ago that they didn’t want to rush Dallas back after the untimely passing of his brother Bray Wyatt. Dallas has remained under WWE contract since 2022.

Bray Wyatt: Becoming Immortal

Bray Wyatt left a legion of fans and untold stories behind. Sadly, he will never get to see those come to pass, but there may be a chance that Bo Dallas could return in some form, perhaps even as Uncle Howdy, to help tell some of those tales.

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That new documentary is also reportedly tied to why Wyatt was not given an induction into the 2024 WWE Hall of Fame.

We will have to see what WWE has prepared for Bo Dallas. He was heavily featured in the documentary, “Bray Wyatt: Becoming Immortal” that debuted on Peacock and the WWE Network on April 1.

SEScoops will have more on this story if there are any updates. Please keep checking back throughout the day for more headlines!

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