Brock Lesnar WWE Return Uncertain Following Janel Grant Lawsuit Pause

Brock Lesnar has not been seen for quite some time, and that is not going to change until his legal situation is resolved. SEScoops exclusively reported in March, “No one is going to get involved in that situation. This is a legal issue, and until the lawyers decide that Brock is to be brought back, there is no movement at all, or a movement on his behalf.” In the latest Wrestling Observer, Dave Meltzer corroborates our scoop with this note:

“Regarding any rumors of Lesnar returning, he has to be cleared by WWE legal (remember WWE is still a defendant in the Janel Grant lawsuit), and that hasn’t happened yet.”

Janel Grant’s court battle against WWE and Vince McMahon will be delayed, but that’s not necessarily good news for the company.  Grant has agreed to postpone the lawsuit at the request of the U.S. Department of Justice, an ominous sign for McMahon that indicates additional legal pitfalls ahead.

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This decision means it will take longer than initially planned before the two sides face off in court, as the case remains under a non-public investigation. As a result, the timeline for Lesnar wrestling again has effectively been delayed indefinitely.

Brock Lesnar Impacted by Janel Grant Lawsuit

Janel Grant’s lawsuit alleges that in July 2021, Vince McMahon directed her to create personalized sexual content for a WWE superstar he wanted to re-sign. The lawsuit did not name the wrestler but described them as both a UFC fighter and WWE talent. Although Brock Lesnar was not mentioned, the timeline suggests a limited number of possible wrestlers.

The lawsuit claims McMahon shared explicit photos with the WWE Superstar, who responded positively. In December, McMahon allegedly gave Grant’s personal cellphone number to the wrestler. The wrestler then requested a video of her urinating and used derogatory language toward her. A meetup was planned but did not happen due to travel issues.

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Brock Lesnar was removed from the WWE intro package and has been absent from promotional materials and vignettes since the controversy. His WrestleMania 40 match against GUNTHER was also scrapped, along with his planned bout against Dominik Mysterio at Elimination Chamber.

In WWE 2K24, Lesnar was removed as a playable character but still exists in the game’s code. He was replaced by John Cena on the Forty Years of WrestleMania cover. He remains under WWE contract.