Damian Priest Recalls The Moment When He Almost Broke His Character During WWE Show

Damian Priest recently shed light on the moment when he struggled to stay in character during last year’s WWE Backlash Premium Live Event. 

Last year’s Backlash PLE took place in San Juan, Puerto Rico. The PLE featured a highly-aniticipated clash between Damian Priest and the multi-time Grammy Award-winning singer Bad Bunny. ‘The Archer of Infamy’ has told Squared Circle Pit that he was overwhelmed with the electric atmosphere at the venue when Bad Bunny came out. 

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He said that he had experience of floor shaking while being in the crowd but that night with Bunny’s entrance, he could “feel the tremble” while being inside the ring. The reigning WWE World Heavyweight Champion admitted that was one of the wildest things he’s ever witnessed and had to remind himself to stay in character. He said:

“Yeah, that’s exactly what happened (almost slipped out of character during Bad Bunny’s WWE Backlash entrance). I had to be like, hey, cut it out. Stay in it, stay in it… I’ve been in the crowd where you could feel the floor shaking a little bit and whatnot but being in the ring, you don’t really feel the tremble. You don’t really feel that. But I felt it that night. That was wild, in his entrance and I got goosebumps while I was in the ring waiting for him and then but I had to keep a straight face, you know? Angry or whatever but, that was one of the wildest things I had ever seen.”

At Backlash 2023, Bad Bunny came out to his song “Chambea.” As soon as he showed up, the crowd went insane and created one of the greatest entrances in WWE history. ‘Benito’ even hyped up the fans more when he pulled a tarp off a shopping cart which had weapons hidden in it.  

Bad Bunny and Damian Priest put on an epic match at the show. The match even featured the return of Carlito and Savio Vega. In the final moments of the match, Bad Bunny used a steel chair on Priest and went on to hit the Canadian Destroyer to secure the pinfall victory. 

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Bad Bunny had a great experience but felt he was going to die following show. Read more below:

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