WWE Drops Another Clue Linking Dominik Mysterio & Liv Morgan

Something is going on between WWE Superstars Dominik Mysterio and Liv Morgan. Wrestling fans have noticed a series of subtle hints linking the Judgment Day member and the former Women’s World Champion. With Rhea Ripley off TV due to injury, it seems there’s another woman stealing Dirty Dom’s attention as of late.

Ripley suffered an injury during a backstage attack by Morgan that forced her to relinquish the Women’s World Championship. Morgan, the last woman to have a pinfall victory over Ripley, has been relishing in the fact that she put the Australian out of action. 

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During the April 29, episode of Monday Night Raw, Dominik was seen leaving a room backstage and Liv was seen leaving the same area moments later. This has led to speculation that something may be brewing between the two despite their on-screen differences as Mysterio is the on-screen ‘squeeze’ of Ripley.

Latest Clue: The Bandana

The latest ‘blink you and you miss it’ clue was shown on this Monday’s 5/6 WWE Raw. Mysterio appeared in-ring with his signature purple bandana, but was not wearing it later in the show during a backstage segment with The Judgment Day and Carlito. 

Mysterio didn’t address his missing bandana on Raw, but we may have found it. Morgan posed for a photo backstage at Raw and if you look closely at her front left pocket, there’s a purple bandana poking out. 

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Could Liv Morgan’s efforts to ruin Rhea Ripley’s life lead to her stealing Dominik away from her? Or is there another reason why the two have been getting closer in recent weeks? All we know is that something appears to be brewing between the former SmackDown Women’s Champion and ‘Dirty Dom.’

Dominik isn’t the only goal in Morgan’s sights, however. The young Superstar will challenge Becky Lynch for the WWE Women’s World Championship (a title Ripley once held) at WWE King and Queen of the Ring.